Sasanadipika Ven. Khantikhema

Co-founder of UIBDS - DSMC and Chairwoman ,

Co-director for Asian region development

April 28,1949 - September 21, 2023

Sasanadipika MataJi Ven. Khantikhema.

is an American Buddhist Nun ordained in 2006 by His Holiness, Most Ven. Bhante Vimalaramsi Mahāthero.  Co-Founder of United International Buddha Dhamma Society (UIBDS) & Dhamma Sukha Meditation Centre (DSMC) in Annapolis, Missouri, USA. For 21 years, she has been compassionately helping others to relieve personal suffering and live happier lives.  By securing TWIM,  Sutta-based practice of the Buddha's early teachings, Venerable is following in the footsteps of her Upacaya (spiritual mentor) Bhante Vimalaramsi. Her emphasis is to spread the word that this Humanitarian Practice belongs to everyone and should be returned to the people by the Sangha and those who fully understand the potential of it. She emphasizes fun while training you and encourages you to take this into your life. The 6 Rs we fondly call, TWIM repeat the 4 Steps of Right Effort (samma vayama) in an easy way.

Our Brain learns to LET GO, RELAX, AND SMILE whenever our attention gets blocked. If It’s fun when you learn it, you will keep it using it in life. And that’s just what happens. By following the instructions the Buddha helps us discover the potential of a purified reborn brain without the  weight of the past or stress of the future. With an effortless effort we follow a well laid out path the Buddha has left for us.   Ven. Khanti Khema presently resides in Uhlasnagar, India as  a Co-Director for DSMC-Asia Region development project. Her protective  sponsor, Most Venerable Ananda Mahāthero, Abbot of the Maha Mahind International Dhamma Doot Society has supported her work for several years. Through Onsite or online retreats, classes and workshops, she guide people worldwide to look within to relieve much suffering. “When you change your mind; you change your life”. Some of her Dhamma talks are found at YouTube channel:  Venerable Khanti Khema.  Dhamma Bytes


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