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TWIM Practice in Asia

Bhante Vimalaramsi

Most Venerable 'Bhante' Vimalaramsi Mahathero founded the Dhamma Sukha Meditation centre in 2003 , near Annapolis, deep in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri . After returning to the USA having practiced twelve years in Asia as a monk. ​​Bhante's students credit him with reviving the most direct path to wisdom and awakening as taught by the Buddha, by teaching a very simple but highly comprehensive and effective practice. Dhamma sukha asia follows the same foot steps of Buddha as described in the suttas and spread the Buddha's teachings. 

Dhamma Dew Drops

Sister Khanti Khema teaches dhamma in short audio clips which are less than 5 minutes. 

Do not miss the precious teachings of Buddha even if you have a busy life :)  

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