Sindhu Dhondi

Sindhu Dhondi

B.Tech. (Civil), M.Tech (Water Resources)

TWIM Meditator | Special Needs Mom

TWIM Journey

Before TWIM

My initial spiritual journey started by following the guidance of my parents. I used to visit religious places and often used to pray that everyone should be happy.

Earlier I used to think why all the things keep changing and why all people suffer, and I was looking for happiness in the outside world. I used to get angry if the things were not the way I wanted them to be.

I was going through a lot from the changes that happened to my life, My Wedding, Married Life, New Place and More., My husband used to meditate, I was not interested in meditation, I didn’t foresee that I will be practicing meditation, but I was not happy as well.

Then We were blessed with a child and after 2 years of her birth, she was diagnosed with the rare genetic disorder and left everyone in the family in pain. This changed everything from then on

It took some time to accept the truth that we are born to die.

TWIM Introduction

My inspiration was from my brother-in-law who was calling home every day and used to share his experience regarding TWIM and the fun part of mediation using a smile and I was curious about the practice -“meditation with happiness and smile”, slowly I started to meditate, this gave me so much happiness and joy.

I have started reading and understanding the book “life is meditation and meditation is life” by Bhante Vimalaramsi. Gradually over a period I have started to notice changes in my habits, the things that used to make me angry didn’t bring anger anymore.

Slowly by Learning the Teachings of Buddha and accepting the Truth, Now I take the precepts and Three Refuges every morning. The most interesting part that I felt about the practice of the TWIM is that your Life and Meditation is one and same.

Now as I practice TWIM, my understanding of happiness has changed.

Present Day TWIM

Practicing TWIM for more than 3 Years now, TWIM has helped me in understanding the nature of the mind and our own existence in the world. We share Metta with our daughter daily and share loving kindness to everyone around us.

Now the mind doesn’t look for material happiness, which is impermanent and suffering. I have learned to accept the reality and try not to fight with it. Now I’m actively making an effort to bring the factor of Dana that is generosity in the life by way of body, speech and mind.

I have attended two TWIM Online Retreats, a physical retreat at  Bodhgaya.

Currently Participating in Sunday /Wednesday Dhamma Talks and Discussions, TWIM Asia, TWIM Australia Groups

May all beings be happy.