Rajiv Dinesh

At the heart of every moment of our lived experience, are choices, that determine the quality of our present and future experiences.

At most times, we are not aware of these choices, and even when we are, we may not have the ability to skilfully and effortlessly navigate this territory - resulting in dissatisfactory experiences.

The key to building this ability is the cultivation of keen mindfulness and wisdom. Armed with these, you will unlock the vast mysteries of the human experience, and stride through life with a mind that is confident, joyful, fearless and open


Gautama, the Buddha, taught an easy, practical and highly insightful way to investigate the arising of consciousness and to develop a thorough understanding of how the mind works, resulting in the development of mindfulness and wisdom. 

Bhante Vimalaramsi has spent the better part of the last two decades putting together the very core concepts presented in the Buddha's teachings into a practice called TWIM, which is perhaps the shortest and most direct path towards insight accessible today. The practice is completely devoid of dogma and possesses the rigour of scientific enquiry. In laying bare the essence of human conscious experience, it is as relevant in today's world of scientific accomplishments as it was in the Buddha's time.

Practising TWIM has been the single most transformative experience in my life, and has brought untold joy, clarity and fearlessness into my every moment, and the confidence to skilfully navigate any situation. 

The path to insight must be walked by you, but as I have found in my personal experience, a mentor or guide can be a helpful aid along the way. I look forward to being your friend on this path, and hope that you find as much joy as I have in discovering a better, more mindful way of living. 


Rajiv is a Computer Scientist from IIT Delhi and and builds data science products for India's largest logistics company.