Mrs Manjula Bhosale

Spiritual Journey

With profound respect and gratitude to Acharya S. N. Goenkaji and

Bhante Vimalaramsi, here is my spiritual journey…

My parents inspired my interest in meditation and spirituality at an

early age. I was introduced to meditation as a child by my grandmother

who meditated regularly.

I am blessed to have met Swarupanand Swami ji at Pawas – a

Siddhahasta Yogi – in early childhood. I have also been practicing and

teaching yogasanas for over 30 years.

My aunt introduced me to Vipassana in 2005. After completing

numerous Vipassana courses, I was appointed as an Assistant Teacher

of Vipassana in 2011. I assisted over 55 ten-day Vipassana courses

including courses for teenagers until 2023.

My friend Dr. Rohi Shetty introduced me to TWIM and I joined a TWIM

retreat in June 2023. I was impressed by the simple technique,

especially, the 6Rs and using the Brahmaviharas as the object of


After two trainings at TWIM with Ven. Bhikkhu

Dhammagavesi Thero, Hugh Poulton, and Dr Madhusudan Cherekar, I

accepted the responsibility to serve as a TWIM guide in January 2024.

I have been serving residential TWIM courses in Pune since then.