Dr (Major) Madhusudan Cherekar

Dr (Major) Madhusudan Cherekar was born at Ahmedpur district Latur in state of Maharashtra in India on 24th sept 1970.He had his schooling there and completed MBBS from Govt Medical College, Nanded; served in Indian Army as Medical officer for five years and now practicing medicine at his hometown.

His spiritual journey started in very early childhood under the influence of his mother. He came into contact with Goenkaji's meditation in December 1989 and he practiced and  served many retreats at Goenka centres till 2018. In Dec 2018 he started practicing TWIM and was very pleased with the progress he made using it in life. He was granted permission to teach and began conducting online retreats under guidance of Mataji Sasanadipika Ven. Khantikhema since August 2021.

He assists as a translator into Hindi for any English speaking teachers.

He also taught physical yoga and had received Yogratna award for same.