Message from MataJi

"No place affordable to hold a retreat?
The Light is coming.."

REF: Funding appeal to support present teaching, and future plans for a simple quiet secluded location that will supports Free 10-day Retreats & classes for all people learn a SIMPLE practice that will uplift your mind, change your view of life, and reduce day to day suffering. 


Dhamma Greetings to Everyone!
This is our first NEWS POSTS. You will find this funding appeal and news about hopeful future building created each month or maybe more often this first year. 

The website will provide updates on programs, classes, retreats and events.


And another 4 planned later this year...


Seems like Samatha- Vipassana Trust is shifting into gear! 

I hope you have all managed to keep up your spirits through the Covid-19 pandemic. I sincerely wish you safety, health and prosperity as conditions slowly improve and gradually return closer to normalcy. Lets cross our fingers. This News drop letter is the first step for great works from SVT in this coming year 2022.

Of course it is an appeal for any financial help possible so that we can continue to move forward with great ideas for YOU. Clicking on the Support Button and making a donation to continue our present works would be a good decision with great merit.

We plan to continue and add more into this great parallel training program that explains Buddha Dhamma and supports your meditation to grow very strong in the coming year. Lots of people benefitted from TWIM this past year.

We will always keep our eyes open to find a nice flat, open  wooded location for you to have a retreat location in the future. Although we searched high and low for a small wooded location nearby the city that would offer easy accessibility, we did not find one yet. It should have flat part so we can build walking paths. We will provide a Dhamma hall and within a hour or so from the city closer to the mountains.  The idea is to build a get away location for FREE retreats so people can come from far and near to learn TWIM. This will become YOUR place of peace and a  permanent home for TWIM in India.  

We came up dry this year. We are seeking a donation of a 2-5 acre area site to provide a Dhamma Hall with attached residence potential for 25 students and 4 monastics/ teachers.  Our main objective for 2022 is to offer you a residential retreat somewhere each month for free as soon as possible or only for cost necessary to provide residence and food support. Hopefully we will find more donations to make this happen soon. We will continue on with even better Online retreats in 3-4 languages each month also. And this year I hope to offer more support training for new and old teachers alike. 

TWIM has so much to offer this world right now.

For now, let us review what the group has done this past year (2021) so far. There is a link to take you to a summary of what has happened. HERE


Our meditation practice, TWIM, invites exploration of the early teaching of the Buddha on a path of active meditation coupled with Sutta studies. When taught side by side,  the Dhamma inspires inspire practitioners to investigate the meditation very likely used by the Buddha on after his original quest and discovery of an escape from suffering. WE know now that anyone can learn how he did this. The information has been preserved in the Texts for us. Weaving together what the Buddha did and how he did it, leads to a practice we can use ourselves in life so we have less suffering. This still is a gradual systematic mind development training. This Tranquil Wisdom Insight Meditation (TWIM) can be learned as a non-religious approach to discover for yourself how mind works, how suffering happens, and how to let go of it and change it. Those who discover this practice find true stillness and a liberating lightness of a stress-free life. Many reclaim a lighter heart. an easier smile, and a clearer mind more following these retreats.

We hope you will join in this discovery with us and try one of the retreats this coming year. There are online retreats and residential retreats being scheduled now. Please investigate and support this very worthy and fun journey into a new outlook of life. 

Donations can be given to support this work. You may contirbute to supporting the Requisites needed for Monastics involved.


Metta & Blessings to all,

MataJi Sasanadipika Ven. Khanti Khema