2022 Upcoming retreats

  • December 19-29, 2022
    Where? Tiny Temple in Uhlasnagar, IN
    "Uncovering the Buddha's plan to end suffering"
    What did Buddha find? How can I escape suffering? .
    7 seats only- 3 seats open
    Led by MataJi Ven. Khanti Khema
    8AM- 6PM daily onsite. Stay on track w daily interview.

  • January 6th-16th, 2022
    JetVan Monastery, Yavatmal, IN 20 seats- FULL
    "Following the Footprints of the Buddha!"
    Led by Sasanadipika MataJi Ven. Khantikhema
    assisted by Bhikkhu Dhammagavesi Thero
    How to calm the mind and relieve suffering
    can sign up on wait list
    More information (Here)

  • January 20th-30th, 2022
    JetVan Monastery, Yavatmal, IN 20 Seats - open
    "Rediscovering the Living Buddha Dhamma"
    Led by Bhikkhu Dhammagavesi Thero
    assisted by MataJi Ven. Khantikhema
    See what the Buddha found and free your mind.
    More information (Here)

    More to come soon