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  • NEW! Online Retreat with daily guidance online [English, Hindi, Marathi language], on 1-10 February 2023. Click here for more details.

  • [FULL] Online Retreat with daily guidance online with Dr (Major) Madhusudan Cherekar, on 1-10 February 2023.

  • [OPEN REGISTRATION] Join physical retreat at Atmadarshan Spiritist Society, Mumbai (INDIA) on 31 January to 9 February 2023. More info, contact: Dr. Madhusudanji +91-9423776802 or Dr. Rohi Shetty +91-9326850630.

  • NEW! "The Path to Nibbāna" by David Johnson - You can NOW buy the books at low prices and get them Delivered TO INDIA! Buy here.

  • Volunteer Needed! Let's join us to take care of Dhamma! Click here for more information.

  • Your generous donation will help support our Dhamma work! Let's practice of generosity (Dāna) today!

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"In stages, little by little, from moment to moment a wise man removes his own impurities, as a smith removes the dross of silver or gold."

-Dhammapada Verse 239

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