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🌸Samatha Vipassana Retreat🌸 🌸 TWIM Meditation 🌸

 I had heard about Vipassana till today, but I heard about this course from my friend from 9th to 16th March and decided to go for at least two days.  Now I know what I would have achieved in two days..?Really, everyone must do this course.. This is a very useful course for beginners.  In eight days only by observing the movements of the mind, giving a sense of friendship there, a light smile, mastering the art of stopping those movements for a while and experiencing one's own mind free from thought and calm, the joy has been experienced in life... and this joy is beyond all the joys experienced so far.  Realized that it is much more valuable than moments.  Now I will try to keep this happiness forever by using this art of calming and alerting the mind forever.

Delson Armstrong's lecture every afternoon gave me the experience of finding a treasure of knowledge.. The last three days felt very important to me.My sincere thanks to Manjula madam because I have succeeded in raising my mind by very calmly giving solutions to whatever distractions I had in two days and doing the eight days course fully alert.  And I returned home with an unlimited supply of positive energy.

-Supriya Kulkarni

I have become aware of the qualities and defects in myself, so of course I have started to cultivate the qualities and remove the defects. Manjula madam took this course single-handedly.  I have taken their enthusiasm, energy and positivity and of course started using it.  🙏🙏

         -Archana Joshi

~Mr A from an online retreat.( Name withheld as attainments and experiences are only disclosed/discussed between teacher and student)


Mentally, the excitement/pressure feeling from the initial days of the meditation has subsided. Now the feeling of metta is more calm in a way without the excitement.

This continues during the walking meditation as well. My mind is more silent and quite with the intention of metta but not the excitement and the pleasure of it. I am genuinely surprised as to how silent my mind has become especially during walking meditation and during daily activities. Starting to understand what bhante meant when he said "life is meditation, meditation is life."

    Mr AY, Mumbai, from an online retreat.

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"In stages, little by little, from moment to moment a wise man removes his own impurities, as a smith removes the dross of silver or gold."

-Dhammapada Verse 239

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