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Samatha Vipassana Sangha

To spread twim and look after the sangha

Donation for retreats can be done in below mentioned accounts

Request for Donations for Sangha Expenses, Food, Medicine and miscellaneous items.

Donations will also be used setup the Kuti Mataji Khanti Khema is setting up in Ulhasnagar near Mumbai. And spread of twim in asia.

Local India Donations can be sent to the below account

Note: Our Trust account cannot accept payment from outside India , to make payment from outside India kindly sent it to Bhante Dhammagavesi's Paytm account given below

Bank details for NEFT/RTGS/IMPS:

Samatha- Vipassana trust

HDFC Bank,Sandoz House, Worli, Mumbai

Bank Account no: 50200063545290

IFSC Code: HDFC0000240




International payments can be sent through following channels: - (cheaper than paypal)

Name: Dhammagavesi Thero Bhikkhu

Bank: Paytm Payments Bank

Branch Address: B-121, Sector-5, Noida-201301

Account No: 919833933165

IFSC Code: PYTM0123456