Retreat Jetvan 27/Oct/22 to 6/Nov/22

The Dhamma teachings are free, teachers and the trust do not charge anything for the Dhamma teachings. We are a non profit trust which runs on donations. In each 10 day retreat the expense incurred for shared accommodation and food is about Rs. 5000 ( $69 USD) per person . We request you to kindly make a donation of the aforementioned amount, in addition we also require donations for the travel, medicines of teachers and to arrange future meditation retreats.

In case you are unable to make dana aforementioned amount, please let us know, we will try to find sponsors for few students

Donations from Indian Students -
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Donations from Foreign Students - click here

**Note please mention location and date of the retreat while making payments, also update the transaction details of the payment in the registration form or you can Email us the transaction details.

Email :


For Registration please click here


For donation and and registration queries contact:

Dr. Major Madhusudan Cherekar : +91 9423776802

For queries related to Retreat Centre, like accommodation,location etc, contact :

Yash Bansod : +91 88300 50204

The Retreat Schedule:

[We try to start our retreats on a Friday evening. Occasionally, they will begin on a weekday or Saturday. our idea is to try to include 2 weekends in each retreat. so you only have to take 6 days off to complete a 10 day retreat. No matter what day you begin, the set up will always be the same.]

  • How does my retreat Dates schedule work?

    Your official retreat will begin "on the first date mentioned on a poster at 6PM with the first Dhamma Talk . It will officially END on the last date officially at 12 noon. This will be true for all retreats in 2022.

    All retreats will follow COVID-19 PROTOCOL !
    IF not vaccinated, you MUST SHOW A NEGATIVE REPORT within the past 72 hrs. to be cleared for the Retreat. This must be reported on your registration when you arrive.

  • 6:00 PM - The First Dhamma talk officially begins your retreat. During this talk you should hear

Site Greeting
* Any Rules & Orientation needed for the Center.
* Instructions for Meditation & Walking are given.
* There is a short Q&A to help you get started.

You will then begin to practice over the next 24 hr period before your first interview can occur. You will be given the 5 Q Report u at the second Dhamma Talk time. This is only five short questions you answer for each Interview. Not hard at all.


DAY ONE -- Arrival Day

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM Arrival and Registration time will begin after 1 pm. You are expected to arrive no later then 4pm.
(Part of your registration is to turn in your phone. You will be given emergency number to call that you can message to your family before you give up phone.)

5:00 PM Early light Dinner (Only on the first day).


6:00 PM Evening opening Talk will include site orientation, guidelines for retreat, and basic instructions.

There are no Interviews on the first meditation Day. Students must have 24 hrs into their practice before any interviews begin at onsite retreats


Daily interviews start today & each day to last day.

Your retreat ends after the morning session on the last date. Pictures can happen after the last Dhamma talk or in the morning. The group chooses when to have a closing circle before leaving. It usually happens after the last Dhamma talks is given. Everyone must work in harmony to help to clean up the rooms and site before leaving.

Your retreat will officially end on last date after your morning service, meditation and breakfast time.

The Daily Program Schedule happens as follows: -

Time Schedule and Activity

5.00am. Wake up BELL

5.30am. 3 Refuges, Precepts & Dhammapada Reading

5.45am. Group Sitting Meditation

7.00am. Breakfast and clean up

8.30am. Sitting & Walking Meditation

~ 9.00am - 10: 30 am Morning Interviews ~

11.00am. Lunch Dana

1.30pm. Sitting & Walking Meditation

~ 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM Afternoon Interviews

5.00pm. Teatime -

5.30pm Q&A session followed by Dhamma Talk
5:45 pm Short Stretch Break

6.30pm. Dhamma Talk

9.00pm Sitting / Walking Meditation

10.00pm. Lights off

(Above might change a bit to suit retreat sites.)

Having these things for your retreat might be helpful. Slippers, loose fitting clothes, socks, and a Hat. Light Shawl, BUG Spray or lotion. A thermos or water bottle Important to bring a Pen & notepad to take notes during Dhamma Talks and Q&A sessions.

This is a silent retreat but you may speak to our team and the volunteers during organizing the retreat, and certainly during interviews.

  • Please Keep your retreat Silent. Refrain from talking to others as this breaks their peace of mind and yours. You will always be able to talk with us during your interview.

  • No use of mobile phones is allowed during the retreat. You will be asked to deposit phones on the first day with your name on it, and it will be given back the night of the last Dhamma Talk OR in the morning of the last day meal. (So, you can confirm your travel).

  • If yo take medicines bring enough to last the retreat period.

  • If you need to eat in evening due to health reasons, be sure the center knows about this on the first day. If you have to eat for a medical reason, you don't have to take the 6th precept during your retreat.

We look forward to your participation in the retreat.

With Metta,

Samatha-Vipassana Trust and JetVan Monastery


Jetvan Buddha Vihar, Yavatmal, Maharashtra

How to get here: -

  1. Reach Yavatmal Railway Station and Hire a Private Transport. (We are hardly 20 Kms Away from Yavatmal Railway Station).

  2. Book a Cab or Drive your car from Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Aurangabad or Nagpur.

  3. Public Transport such as Bus from Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Aurangabad or Nagpur are available on regular basis.

Airports near the center Nagpur, Pune, Aurangabad.