TWIM meditation retreat with Dhammacariya Shobhana (Delson Armstrong)

The Dhamma teachings are free, teachers and the trust do not charge anything for the Dhamma teachings. We are a non profit trust which runs on donations. In each 10 day retreat the expense incurred for shared accommodation and food is about Rs. 5000 ( $69 USD) per person . We request you to kindly make a donation of the aforementioned amount, in addition we also require donations for the travel, medicines of teachers and to arrange future meditation retreats.

In case you are unable to make dana aforementioned amount, please let us know, we will try to find sponsors for few students

Donations from Indian Students - click here

Donations from Foreign Students - click here

**Note please mention location and date of the retreat while making payments, also update the transaction details of the payment in the registration form or you can Email us the transaction details.

Email :


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For donation and and registration queries contact:

Dr. Major Madhusudan Cherekar : +91 9423776802

For queries related to Retreat Centre, like accommodation,location etc, contact :

Ven. Bhikkhu Vishuddhananda,Bodhgaya : +91 73522 64116/+91 91557 76289